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OMSS first to deploy commercially 100% electric Class 8 truck to Port of Oakland; Orange EV T-Series terminal truck

Orange EV and Oakland Maritime Support Services (OMSS) announced the deployment of an Orange EV T-Series pure-electric terminal truck to its operations serving the Port of Oakland, the San Francisco Bay Area’s largest seaport and 5th busiest in the US.


OMSS provides parking and services for truckers who move containers to and from the Port of Oakland, thereby alleviating street congestion in West Oakland. To further reduce the impacts of truck activity within the community, OMSS has continued to add services. The new OMSS Center, expected to be complete within two years, will expand current offerings while adding office space, food services, truck scales, a trans-load facility, and more.

OMSS uses terminal trucks to move and pre-stage containers for truckers utilizing OMSS facilities. Before purchasing the Orange EV truck, OMSS researched alternatives.

Orange EV’s battery-electric terminal trucks have torque on demand, smooth acceleration and deceleration, low noise and vibration, and can be built in multiple configurations to meet site-specific needs and duty cycles. Fleets report significant savings from reduced maintenance, repair, and downtime. Orange EV’s powertrain has far fewer parts than diesels and is largely maintenance-free. Depending upon operation, Orange EV trucks can run more than 24 hours on a single charge.

OMSS utilized funding from the Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) to purchase their Orange EV truck.


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