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Volvo Buses has secured an order for 23 battery-electric buses from public transport company Arriva in the Netherlands. The buses will operate in the city of Leiden in the province of South Holland.

Deliveries of the battery-electric buses equipped with 200 kWh battery packs will take place between Q1 and Q3 in 2019.

Multinational public transport company Arriva, with operations in 14 countries across Europe, is one of the leaders in the introduction of alternative propulsion technologies. In 2011, the company was among the first in Europe to order hybrid buses from Volvo for the city of Dordrecht in the Netherlands.

The new fully electric buses from Volvo, with a battery capacity of 200 kWh, will operate in the city of Leiden in the province of South Holland.

The buses will be fast-charged using four charging stations which will be delivered by ABB. The charging stations will be based on an open interface—OppCharge—which means they can be used by other electrified bus makes as well. Energy consumption for Volvo’s electric buses is about 80% lower than for corresponding diesel buses.

The fully electric buses are being sold as a complete turnkey package whereby Volvo takes care of all vehicle maintenance at a fixed monthly cost.

Volvo’s fully electric buses have previously been ordered by cities in countries such as Sweden, Britain, Luxemburg and Poland. In addition to the all-electric Volvo 7900 Electric, the Volvo Buses range of electrified vehicles includes hybrid buses and electric hybrid (plug-in hybrid) models. All told the company has sold more than 4,000 electrified Volvo buses globally.



Volvo is becoming a major high quality electrified bus supplier with 4000+ units sold.

Those e-buses help to reduce pollution and GHGs within cities. Many more should follow.

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