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German startup I SEE Electric Trucks GmbH building electric variants of Opel Viraro and Movano

German startup I SEE Electric Trucks GmbH is building electric versions of the Opel Vivaro and Opel Movano. The company already has more than 25 model variants available, with two battery sizes—40 kWh and 55 kWh—offering range of up to more than 200 km (124 miles).


Electric heating is standard; an optional bioethanol . Optionally, an additionally installed bioethanol heater is available. Because the battery packs are securely installed under the vehicle, the full loading space is available. Standard charging time of the vehicles is 2.5 hours; using CCS shortens the charging time ideally to 45 minutes.

The e-Vivaro and e-Movano are equipped as standard with air conditioning and radio and available as a box, as a tipper/flatbed and for passenger transport with up to nine seats.

The new Opel vehicles are electrified in Hesse and selected by Opel dealers sold and serviced nationwide. In addition to the service tasks, the contracting parties also perform any warranty work to ensure that the customers have access to a Germany- wide service network. The two-year Opel factory warranty remains with the remaining components and is complemented by a two-year I-SEE warranty. The engine and the battery pack are guaranteed for seven years (maximum 250,000 km or 1,500 full charge cycles).

The idea of I SEE Electric Trucks is to develop a commercial vehicle that offers a wide range of equipment, is flexible in the choice of range and, moreover, is also quickly available.

—Christian von Hösslin, managing director responsible for technical development

The company is focusing on fleet operators, craftsmen, logisticians, passenger carriers as well as cities and municipalities.


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