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BYD introducing battery-electric Class 6 stepvan in US

BYD is introducing a battery-electric Class 6 step van in the US. The BYD 6D Step Van is expected to hit the streets by early 2019.


The BYD 6D is suited for delivering items such as parcels, linens, food, beverages, office supplies, and other consumer goods. With zero emissions, zero idling and a 120-mile range (full load), the battery-electric BYD 6D is suited for neighborhood delivery services.

The 250 kW motor delivers 1800 N·m; top speed is 70 mph. The 221 kWh battery pack can charge in 4.5 hours on AC, 1.5 hours DC.



An ideal e-vehicle for the new Toshiba ultra quick charge (6-minutes) batteries?

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