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MAN to showcase new electric trucks at IAA: eTGM and eTGE

Commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus, a member of the Volkswagen Group, will showcase its advances in the fields of electromobility, digitization and autonomous vehicles at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in September.

Alongside an all-electric distribution truck—the MAN eTGM—MAN will also be exhibiting the MAN eTGE van (earlier post)—a battery-electric version of the new MAN transporter—at IAA. MAN is among the first manufacturers to present all-electric solutions for the entire scope of city logistics applications between 3 and 26 tonnes.



Top: MAN eTGM. Bottom: MAN eTGE.

The urban environment is where eTrucks can truly demonstrate their strengths. They have zero local emissions and therefore contribute to improving the city air. What’s more, they are extremely quiet, meaning that in future it may be possible to make deliveries to supermarkets at night, for example – solving the problem of daytime traffic. For us, one thing is clear: the future of urban passenger and cargo transport is electric.

—Joachim Drees, Chief Executive Officer of MAN Truck & Bus AG

A prototype of the MAN Lion’s City E electric bus will also be on show for the first time at this year’s IAA. The next step is to introduce a demo fleet of electric buses into everyday use in various European cities before series production of the battery electric version of the new MAN Lion’s City can finally get under way.


MAN Lion’s City E electric bus.

This trial will ensure that the vehicles can meet the high reliability standards required for use in local public transport.

In previous years, it was mainly the new bus and truck models that characterized the exhibits showcased by MAN Truck & Bus at IAA. Recently, digital innovations have increasingly come into the mix.

MAN is changing from a manufacturer of commercial vehicles to a provider of intelligent and sustainable transport solutions.

—Joachim Drees

It was for this reason that MAN founded the digital brand RIO in 2016 as a way of connecting the world of transport with the aid of an open, cloud-based platform and making it more economical and ecological. In order to underline this cross-manufacturer and open approach, RIO has been a separate, independent brand under the umbrella of Volkswagen Truck & Bus since 2017.

Building on this platform, MAN is already offering its customers initial digital solutions tailored to MAN vehicles under the name “MAN DigitalServices”. This means that in future MAN customers will be able to view vehicle data and the derived analyses in real time and wherever they are. As a result, customers will receive recommendations specifically tailored to them and their vehicles.

At IAA 2018, MAN is presenting further services for optimizing vehicle analysis and maintenance management. With RIO as a strategic partner, MAN customers are able to benefit from digital vehicle services. And at the same time, the operators of mixed fleets receive a standardized basis of digital logistics services for the entire fleet—irrespective of the vehicle brand.



Man/VW seems to be seriously going for electrified vans, trucks and buses.

More major vehicle manufacturers will certainly follow. On board small FCs would help to increase range, at least until 5X affordable batteries are available.


It would be interesting to see FCs upscaled to be used on ships; some are moving away from the huge dirty diesels to LNG turbines with electric final drive...replace the LNG with Hydrogen and run a fuel cell in place of the turbine genset. Don't know if the economics will pencil out; but, the seas would be a whole lot cleaner.

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