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More than 18,000 electric vehicles registered in France during the first half of 2018

In France, the electric vehicle segment has surpassed 18,000 registrations since the beginning of 2018, according to figures from Avere France, a national association created in 1978 to promote the acquisition and use of electric and hybrid vehicles.

After a few subdued months, the electric passenger car market rose significantly in June: 3,240 vehicles were registered, including 74 models equipped with a range extender, compared to 2,895 in 2017. This represents an increase of 11.92% year-on-year, while the entire segment saw an increase of 4.10%.


The Renault ZOE has maintained its lead and continues to carry registrations of electric passenger cars (60.90% of market share), despite a less sustained increase: 1,928 models were put to the road in June (+ 2.44%).

In second place, the Nissan LEAF showed a rise of 143.01% with 469 vehicles. The BMW i3 retains third place with 182 new registrations, including 74 units equipped with a range extender.

The Tesla Model S took fourth place despite a slight decrease in registrations (-5.50%): 103 models were registered in 2018 against 109 in June 2017.


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