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EVBox, a global manufacturers of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software, has acquired the French fast- and ultra-fast-charging station manufacturer EVTronic.

EVTronic designs, develops, manufactures, and markets a range of fast charging stations for electric vehicles, accompanied by a complete range of engineering services. In parallel, the company is also very active in the field of R&D, with a special focus on implementing new technologies, such as V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid).

Since its foundation in 2007, EVTronic has experienced strong and consistent growth, expanding its offering and services as the market for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations matures. EVBox had already been working with EVTronic to grow EVBox’s fast charging (DC) portfolio on a global scale.

By adding EVTronic’s fast and ultra-fast charging (DC) expertise to our own solutions, we can now offer our customers the full scope of electric vehicle charging. This means charging ranging from 3.7kW up to 350kW (both AC and DC), and offering charging solutions at home, at work, and in public. Because of our strong R&D focus, we will be able to develop the hardware and software that our customers need to charge anywhere, now and in the future.

—Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO EVBox

All current EVtronic employees will join EVBox. EVTronic Founder & President Eric Stempin will join the EVBox Management Team as Chief Research Officer (CRO). He will be focusing on fast and ultra-fast chargers and setting up the EVBox Innovation Lab. The EVBox Innovation Lab will focus on R&D projects including V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid), wireless charging, energy storage and integration, and power electronics.

With this acquisition, EVBox is adding the 700 fast charging stations already installed by EVTronic to its European network. EVBox continues to have the largest installed-base worldwide, now with 60,000 regular (AC) charging points and 700 fast (DC) charging points. Selected EVTronic DC chargers will receive EVBox branding.



Improve 350 KW charging stations are required to reduce charging time for BEVs with large batteries but batteries with ultra quick charging capabilities, such as the new Toshiba unit, will be required to accept higher charging rates.

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