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Tritium signs deal with IONITY for 100 high-power charging sites across Europe; up to 350 kW

IONITY has chosen Tritium as its technology partner for the construction of 100 high-power charging sites across Germany, France, UK, Norway and Sweden. The dedicated electric vehicle (EV) charging stations will have an average of up to six user units, each capable of delivering 350 kW of power for fast charging of modern EVs.

All are equipped with the Combined Charging System (CCS) used by a wide range of vehicle manufactures.


The deal follows closely on the installation of two new sites in Germany at Tank and Rast rest stops at Brohltal East and Brohltal West. As the first sites to go live for IONITY in Europe, these two sites each have six high-power user units and form part of a planned rollout of around 400 EV charging sites across Europe. This will ensure EV owners will always have access to a high-power charging station within 120 km.

Each of the Tritium high-power chargers on the IONITY sites will deliver up to 350 kW, which can add 150 km of driving range to an EV in just five minutes. They include Tritium’s unique liquid-cooled technology and the complete charging infrastructure is extremely compact, typically up to 50%-75% smaller than other systems on the market.

IONITY is based in Munich and was founded in 2017; it is a joint venture of the BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen Group including Audi and Porsche. IONITY’s mission is to build an extensive and reliable High-Power Charging network (HPC) for electric vehicles in Europe to make comfortable long-distance travel a reality.



An important development for EV users, specially for those without home charging facilities. The planned 400 sites may not be enough but many more can be added as more BEVs/PHEVs hit the market.

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