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Air Liquide and China startup STNE sign an agreement for the development of hydrogen mobility

Air Liquide and the Chinese startup STNE (Shanghai Sinotran New Energy Automobile Operation CO., LTD.), recently entered a partnership to accelerate the rollout of hydrogen-powered electric truck fleets in China.

This agreement fits in with the Chinese government’s 13th five-year plan, which aims notably to support the development and sale of hydrogen-powered electric vehicles serving clean mobility.

Through this partnership, Air Liquide acquires a minority stake of around €10 million (US$12 million) in the Chinese startup STNE, a hydrogen logistics platform designed for urban deliveries of goods, which currently operates a hydrogen station in Shanghai and a fleet of 500 hydrogen-powered trucks.

As part of this agreement, Air Liquide will provide STNE with its expertise in the entire hydrogen supply chain, from production and storage to distribution, to accelerate the startup’s development. STNE aims to run a fleet of up to 7,500 trucks and to operate a network of around 25 hydrogen stations by 2020.



Countries (like China) with an effective plan will move faster with development of H2 technologies/economy.

In the near future, China will lead with clean H2 stations, FC trucks/buses/trains/ships (airplanes?) and other FCEVs in order to reduce harmful pollution and GHGs.

USA and EU will have to follow?

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