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Valeo joins Baidu’s autonomous driving partner ecosystem, Apollo

Valeo has entered into strategic cooperation with Apollo, the open autonomous driving platform created by Baidu, the leading Chinese language Internet search provider.

Valeo will contribute its expertise in sensors—an area in which the Group currently ranks as world leader, with the industry’s most comprehensive range of cameras, radars, ultrasonic sensors and the Valeo SCALA laser scanner.

With this know-how, Valeo has already achieved numerous world firsts in the field of autonomous vehicles, including 24 hours on the Paris beltway, as well as road trips around Europe and the United States.

Valeo will also contribute its skills in sensor cleaning systems (which are key to optimal sensor functioning), connectivity between autonomous vehicles, and control and optimization of air quality in the vehicle interior.

Valeo will benefit from the full range of software, hardware and data tools (operating systems, high-precision positioning and HD mapping services, simulation engines, cloud, algorithms, etc.) provided by Apollo to its ecosystem partners through its open, reliable and secure platform.

Launched in April 2017, Apollo accelerates the development, testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles through a collaborative approach.


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