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The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), Canada’s largest transit operator and the third-largest transit operator in North America, has placed an order to purchase a guarantee of ten 40-foot, fully electric BYD buses, with an option for an additional 30 buses.

TTC’s purchase is BYD Canada’s seventh heavy-duty electric-bus order in the last two years, representing 66% of electric buses ordered.

Earlier this month, BYD Canada delivered four more buses to St. Albert Transit, bringing their fleet to 10% electric, as well as two buses to Grande Prairie Transit, a city located north-west of Edmonton.

BYD had more electric buses on the Canadian roads than any other firm and has won 100% of the competitive bids for electric buses.



If BYD won 100% of the open bids for Canadian city e-buses, it must be the current most cost effective unit available. Extended tests in 4 of our cities concluded that BYDs units meet requirements and could replace current diesel units but, our politicians prefered to spend more $$$M on locally e-buses development. After four (4) years and $$$M, none of those new e-buses meet users requirements and 600+ hybrids city buses are being purchased instead.

Let's see what the October 2018 general election will decide.

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