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UK government launches consultation on inclusion of E10 in market

The UK Department for Transport launched a consultation on whether and how it should introduce E10 fuel—which contains more bioethanol than traditional gasoline—to the UK market.

We have launched this consultation in order to understand the impact of E10 on the UK market better, and to ensure that drivers are protected if any changes come into effect.

—Transport Minister Jesse Norman

The changes to the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO) announced earlier this year require transport fuel suppliers to increase the amount of renewable fuel supplied across the UK up to 2032.

To meet these new targets, fuel suppliers could choose to increase the percentage of bioethanol in gasoline beyond the current 5% (E5) up to a limit of 10% (E10).

Filling up with E10 fuel reduces the greenhouse gas emissions of a gasoline vehicle by around 2%. However, according to industry figures, there could be around one million cars within the UK that are unsuitable for use with E10.

The consultation also includes proposals on introducing new fuel labels at filling stations and on new vehicles to help motorists select the right the fuel.

The government consultation will seek views on:

  • Whether and how to introduce E10 gasoline in the UK;

  • The reintroduction of an E5 protection grade to ensure standard gasoline remains available at an affordable price; and

  • The introduction of new fuel labeling at gasoline pumps and on new cars.

The 8-week consultation closes on 16 September 2018.


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