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Enbridge and City of Toronto to build one of the first renewable natural gas facilities in Ontario

Enbridge Gas Distribution and the City of Toronto will build and install equipment that will turn the City’s organic waste (apple cores, egg shells, coffee grounds, etc.) into renewable natural gas.

Almost 50% of household waste (by weight) is organic material. When organic waste breaks down, methane is created. Many municipalities burn the methane produced from waste facilities and sewage treatment plants. Through this facility, the methane will be captured, cleaned and used like traditional natural gas.

Expected to be complete in 2019, the project supports the City’s vision of using Toronto’s organic waste to offset greenhouse gas emissions. As an added benefit, the newly created carbon-neutral, renewable natural gas will be injected into the natural gas distribution system to fuel the trucks that picked up the Green Bin waste.

The Ontario Ministry of Energy (Fuels Technical Report) believes that RNG can replace up to 15 per cent of Ontario’s conventional natural gas supply by 2035. Converting fleets, public transit, and heavy-duty vehicles from diesel to natural gas will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 15%and save up to 40% on fuel costs. Further, vehicles running on RNG are considered net neutral (with respect to emissions.)

A survey commissioned by Enbridge reveals that 75% of customers would support the introduction of RNG into the natural gas system. Enbridge and the City of Toronto estimate that more than 5 million cubic metres of RNG could be produced each year at this facility. That’s enough to fuel 132 garbage trucks, 90% of the City’s fleet (or heat more than 2,000 homes).

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, the fourth largest in North America, and home to a diverse population of about 2.8 million people.



15% RNG max means 85% fossil minimum.

Can you say "greenwashing"?


Burning bio-gas, NG and/or fossil fuel will not reduce pollution and GHGs enough.

We will have to use clean electricity and/or clean H2 for ground vehicles.

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