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BASF introduces Fourte FCC catalyst for refiners targeting an increase to their gasoline pool octane

BASF announced the commercial launch of Fourte—a new generation of Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) catalysts for gasoil feedstock. Fourte is based on BASF’s new multiple framework topology (MFT) technology offering, and has been optimized to deliver superior selectivity to butylenes while maintaining catalyst activity, which helps refineries maximize their profits.

Alkylation is a refinery process in which light hydrocarbons—butylene or propylene and isobutane—are combined to make heavier high-octane alkylate. Alkylate is an important gasoline blending element.

Successful evaluations of the new MFT technology have demonstrated Fourte’s ability to help maximize margins and provide operating flexibility to make more butylenes to feed the alkylation unit. The technology provides an answer to the increased demand for octane since today’s tighter sulfur regulations often require post-treatment on the gasoline stream, which can negatively impact the octane pool.

BASF’s MFT technology enhances performance through the use of more than one framework topology that work together to tailor the catalyst selectivity profile.


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