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CAP report estimates US will need 14M new PEVs and >330k new public charging outlets by 2025 to meet Paris targets

A new report by the progressive policy institute Center for American Progress estimates that the US needs to add 14 million new PEVs and more than 330,000 new public charging outlets by the end of 2025 in order to meet its Paris Agreement targets.


The report, which focuses specifically on what states can do to ensure that adequate charging infrastructure is available, reports that while many states are well on their way to having the public Level 2 and DC fast charging infrastructure needed by 2025, the country needs significantly more to meet the Paris Agreement goal.

Furthermore, according to the authors, existing state and VW funds can provide only about 50% of the funding needed to deploy adequate public charging infrastructure through 2025. Additional public resources and private investment are necessary to close a remaining $2.3 billion gap.


The authors suggest that as states spend their VW settlement funds, they will need to find new funding sources to continue progress into the midcentury. States should work with their utilities and legislatures to advance new investment mechanisms, as well as apply for federal grants and join or create revenue-generating carbon pricing programs.

Additional private investment is also necessary, the authors said, as is the extension of federal tax credits for EV charging infrastructure—which expired at the end of the 2017 tax year.



China, Norway and a few more countries may meet those targets. USA will not but will continue to use more OIL with more heavy gas guzzlers.


Our current Government is the biggest roadblock to clean energy; we need to replace the Republicans in Congress because they don't get it. it's still too much about greed and self-serving for them to be effective in stopping pollution.


Tony Seba already said that US consumer and business buyers of LDV's would not buy a single new fossil-fueled car by the time 2025 closes out. So I don't know what the problem is with all these naysayers.

No, but seriously, folks: virtually NO OECD country will meet its Paris accord targets in 2025.


CHINA?!? You a funny guy, Harv.

"China and India are going to be the growth engines of the global refining industry as they are set to add the most refining capacity of all countries over the period 2018-2022, according to data and analytics company GlobalData."

All the green efforts notwithstanding, China is on a path to burn more fossil fuels than you thought possible.

BTW, HD: how 'bout Canada O Canada? How are you guys gonna do in the great Paris accord o' nations?


We are no longer a part of the Paris agreements.


Canada is as bad as USA thanks to Alberta's tar sands, D Ford etc.

Many countries (Norway, Denmark, Germany, Spain) and possibly China will meet international commitments. Electrification of ground vehicles is growing the fastest in China, not in USA and Canada.


At some point we will reach a tipping point where no one will invest $10 billion dollars for 40 years in a refinery for gasoline -- too much risk of stranded assets as is now happening with coal power plants in some parts of the world. I don't know when that will be, but when it does happen, gas prices (not necessarily oil) will go sky high and no one will buy a gasser.

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