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First complete FF 91 body-in-white (BiW) for assembly starts build path at Faraday Future Hanford facility

The first complete body-in-white (BiW) for the Faraday Future FF 91 all-purpose fully connected luxury EV has successfully begun full-vehicle assembly, following its arrival at the new FF Hanford factory two days ahead of schedule.


Awaiting further assembly.

FF 91, first introduced to the public and media at the January 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, has undergone more than two years of validation testing in all possible conditions.

Several leading manufacturing technologies are used on FF 91 BiW (and by December all to be possible under the same roof at FF Hanford):

  • 1,500+ self-piercing rivets for joining the aluminum body structure.

  • Among the several job-specific body-joining technologies: Aluminum resistant spot welding, cold metal transfer (CMT) welding.

  • Flowform screw technology allowing an innovative uni-directional joining process not possible with conventional sheetmetal joining methods.

  • Among the first applications of Flexweld resistance element welding (REW) on Class A panels that facilitates aluminum-to-steel welding—a particular challenge.

  • Earliest use of wireless “transducerized” torque tools for all appropriate safety-critical points (a great help in comprehensive error-proofing, total process connectivity/traceability, and precision of assembly).

The order book for FF 91 early users has been open since the start of 2018 and first deliveries are due starting in December of this year through the middle of 2019.

FF 91 is an all-purpose fully-connected EV with an estimated 0-60 mph acceleration below three seconds and an expected range of 300+ miles.


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