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BYD joins CharIN to advance charging system standardization

Workhorse electric delivery vans achieve 40-75MPGe in real-world pilot testing

Workhorse Group Inc. reported that in real-world pilot-testing,the N-GEN all-electric delivery van has demonstrated a fuel efficiency, as expressed in miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe), that averages 40 MPGe for its 450 cubic foot electric van, and 75MPGe for its 200 cubic foot electric van, representing up to a 500% improvement versus conventional gasoline-fueled delivery vans.

More than 100,000 packages have been delivered by Workhorse-employed drivers and delivery associates, offering insights to optimize the N-GEN production vehicle design for last-mile delivery workers.

The testing has also highlighted opportunities to integrate further Workhorse’s HorseFly package delivery system into the N-GEN to maximize driver efficiency, minimize last mile per package delivery expense, and provide an exceptional consumer experience.

The N-GEN vans feature fast charging capabilities and achieve 100 miles all electric range. All-wheel drive and built-in Workhorse telematics system, which tracks all parameters in real time to optimize performance and efficiency, are standard. Design options will include collision avoidance system, automatic braking, lane centering warning and optional patented HorseFly unmanned package delivery drone.



So about the same as other similar e-trucks built by solvent companies. Good to know before Workhorse enters BK protection.

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