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California Governor directs ARB to assess new regulations to increase ZEV adoption in public and private fleets

California Governor Jerry Brown has directed the California Air Resources Board (ARB) to assess possible regulatory requirements to ensure greater inclusion of zero emission vehicles in public and private light- and heavy-duty vehicle fleets.

In a 1 August 2018 letter to CARB Chair Mary Nichols, Governor Brown wrote:

As the California Air Resources Board looks for ways to meet our 5-million zero emission vehicle target by 2030, the conversion of public and private fleets to zero emission offers an important opportunity to get a large number of carbon-polluting vehicles off the road.

Accordingly, I am directing the California Air Resources Board to assess the viability of new regulation to increase zero emission vehicle adoption in fleets across the state. This assessment should consider fleet categories such as rental cars, large employers, delivery vehicles as well as transportation service fleets.

This assessment will also include emerging new mobility technologies and services such as ride-hailing fleets.

There are unique opportunities in fleets to accelerate the market, ARB said, including large-scale purchases, increasing the number of individuals experiencing the technology, and in some cases placing clean technologies in high mileage fleets.

CARB will consider how zero emission technologies can play a key role in the evolution of the vehicle fleet that is poised to become fully automated.

CARB staff will work with other state agencies, including the California Energy Commission (CEC), California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA), DMV, Caltrans, and Department of General Services (DGS) to implement the Governor’s directive.

In this regulatory effort, CARB invites public participation to ensure a successful policy design and implementation plan. The Board is holding a public workshop regarding assessment of a Zero Emission Vehicle Requirement for Public and Private Light- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Fleets on 30 August in Sacramento.



While you are at it encourage E85 under the Low Carbon program.


It's interesting how some states get the idea of moving to clean energy and support the idea with action while other states are satisfied maintaining the status quo and remain mute. Can't help but wonder why.


Status quo is easier, you do nothing.


Commiefornia has acted to frustrate actual clean energy at every step.  It had incentives for PHEVs, but just as the technology got good enough to qualify and get them on the road CARB raised the bar to make them uneconomic again.  I should not have to mention the unremitting lawfare against SONGS and Diablo Canyon.

Gov. Brown got a huge pile of cash from his Indonesian oil interests while fighting nuclear power, and his daughter sits on the board of gas company SEMPRA.  The Browns are a corruptocrat crime family reaping huge profits from fossil fuels.


Once again, is a puzzlement.

Over and over the most vocal critics of the global auto industry predict the ascendance of the EV, the death of current brands and the sweeping end of ICE. And soon, like by 2025. The prophets like Musk and Seba and Munger and.... etc lead the cry and insist on inevitability whose only analog is the smart phone, and even that sluggish by comparison.

But how dare we all stand by and not subsidize, underwrite, loan, ad nauseam! Why? Why does anybody need to assist a tide that will transform, disrupt (add VC lingo of your choice) at unimaginable pace?

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