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Daimler’s moovel mobility-as-a-service has 5M users

Daimler subsidiary moovel Group—a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) pioneer—products are now used by five million people— an increase of 71%, adding two million users over the past 12 months. Maas refers to the bundling of various types of public transportation, such as buses, subway, car sharing, bike sharing, and taxis, to form a multimodal transportation solution.

Customers book and pay for services using an integrated account accessed via one app. This combines public transportation options with the sharing economy to form a seamless, flexible service. moovel Group introduced its first MaaS platform with integrated booking and payment functions back in 2015.

With its multimodal mobility platform, moovel offers cities and transit authorities a toolbox they can use to help integrate various mobility providers. The MaaS platform can also be used to optimize a city’s traffic flow. moovel refers to this as an “ operating system for urban mobility.”

One of the most important components of this operating system is the mobility app—an interface between cities, transit authorities, and end users. This allows users to book and pay for public transportation tickets, as well as other mobility options such as car sharing and rental bikes.

For example, users in Stuttgart have been able to book and pay for rides by bus and subway, car2go, mytaxi, and Deutsche Bahn directly via the moovel mobility app since 2015. moovel also offers apps for Hamburg, Karlsruhe, and Aschaffenburg.

The moovel Group is represented in North America by moovel North America, based in Portland, Oregon. moovel North America is the leading provider of mobile-ticketing apps that enable customers to book and pay for tickets using their smartphone.


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