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YM Tech introducing three new DC high voltage relays for EVs

YM Tech will introduce three new EV Relays (DC high voltage relays)—EVH400, EVH600 and EVH1000—at CNIBF (China Shanghai International Battery Industry Fair), which takes places in Shanghai from 23-25 August.


  • EVH400 is a DC Contactor at 400A, DC 1000VDC. It has compact size, high electrical durability and high short-circuit durability. EVH400 is used for energy storage system, the solar inverter, the electric bus and quick charger.

  • EVH600 is a DC Contactor at 600A, DC 750VDC, which also has compact size, high electrical durability and high short-circuit durability.

  • EVH1000 is a mechanical DC contactor suitable for 1000V/100A use. The user can switch DC power on and off safely. EVH1000 can be used for electric bus charging device or ESS.

YM Tech, founded in 1998, developed the first bilateral control EV Relay in the world that does not have polarity.


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