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The US Department of Energy (DOE) has selected 28 projects for awards totaling $38 million to support early-stage research and development of innovative hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. This work also supports the DOE’s H2@ Scale initiative to produce and use hydrogen across multiple energy sectors.

Selections for this investment focus on key early-stage technical challenges related to non-precious metal catalysts; fuel cell membranes; reversible fuel cells; and electrolyzers to produce hydrogen, as well as innovative concepts to improve efficiency and lower costs of hydrogen vehicle refueling infrastructure.

Selections span three topic areas:

Topic 1: Platinum-Free Catalysts to Lower Fuel Cell Costs. Awards in this topic area, with the Federal share, include:

  • Northeastern University: Developing Platinum Group Metal-Free Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Acid: Beyond the Single Metal Site. $1,000,000

  • Indiana University, Purdue University: Mesoporous Carbon-based PGM-free Catalyst Cathodes. $1,002,789

  • Vanderbilt University: Fuel Cell Membrane-Electrode-Assemblies with PGM-free Nanofiber Cathodes. $880,034

  • Pajarito Powder: Active and Durable PGM-free Cathodic Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cell Application. $999,814

  • United Technologies Research Center: High Performance Non-PGM Transition Metal Oxide Oxygen Reduction Catalysts for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells. $999,982

Topic 2: H2@ Scale: Hydrogen Production and Delivery Infrastructure Research. Awards in this topic area, with the Federal share, include:

  • Plug Power: Autonomous Hydrogen Fueling Station. $1,997,216

  • Equilon Enterprises LLC (dba Shell Oil Products US): Integrated Control & Dispatch of Renewable Hydrogen Generation At Scale. $1,999,553

  • Skyre, Inc.: Electrolyzer Integrated Modular Nano-Array Monolithic Catalytic Reactors for Low Pressure/Temperature and High Flux Synthetic Fuel Production. $2,000,000

  • Giner, ELX Inc.: Anode-Boosted Electrolysis. $1,744,728

  • 3M Company: Low-cost, High Performance Catalyst Coated Membranes for PEM Water Electrolyzers. $1,860,026

  • University of Tennessee Space Institute: Developing novel electrodes with ultralow catalyst loading for high-efficiency hydrogen production in proton exchange membrane electrolyzer cells. $2,000,000

  • University of Connecticut: Catalyst Layer Design, Manufacturing and In-line Quality Control. $2,000,000

  • Clemson University: Laser 3D Printing of Highly Compacted Protonic Ceramic Electrolyzer Stack. $1,600,000

  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Direct Cooling of Hydrogen to Decrease Energy Consumption in Hydrogen Vehicle Fueling Infrastructure. $1,200,000

  • Washington State University: Optimizing the Heisenberg Vortex Tube for Hydrogen Cooling. $1,657,757

  • Greenway Energy: Novel Metal Hydride Material Development for High Efficiency and Low-Cost Hydrogen Compressors. $2,404,600

  • Gas Technology Institute: Free-Piston Expander for Hydrogen Cooling. $2,500,000

Topic 3: Innovative Fuel Cell Concepts. Awards in this topic area, with the Federal share, include:

  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Ethylene-Norbornene based Alkaline Exchange Polymers and Reinforced Membranes. $1,000,000

  • Pennsylvania State University: Advanced Anion Exchange Membranes with Tunable Water Transport for High Performance, Long Lifetime and PGM-Free AEMFCs. $997,944

  • Drexel University: PILBCP-IL Composite Ionomers for High Current Density Performance. $993,735

  • Vanderbilt University: Composite PEMs from Electrospun Crosslinkable Poly(Phenylene Sulfonic Acid)s. $600,000

  • Xergy, Inc.: Novel non-PFSA Proton Exchange Membrane for Fuel Cell Application. $1,000,000

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Molten Hydroxide Dual-Phase Membranes for Intermediate Temperature Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells. $1,000,000

  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Novel Bifunctional Electrocatalysts, Supports and Membranes for High Performing and Durable Unitized Regenerative Fuel Cells. $1,000,000

  • Northwestern University: Efficient Reversible Operation and Stability of Novel Solid Oxide Cells. $974,694

  • Giner, Inc.: High-Efficiency Reversible Alkaline Membrane Fuel Cells. $999,503

  • Georgia Institute of Technology: Durable, High-Performance Unitized Reversible Fuel Cells Based on Proton Conductors. $750,000

  • University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.: Stationary Direct Methanol Fuel Cells Using Pure Methanol. $999,399



A lot of H2 related R & D for $38M? Is spreading $$$ so thinly conductive to worthwhile results?


Many times there are matching funds, sometimes you can double the funding figure. In research $2 million can do some good if targeted well.

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