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Solaris offers remote diagnostics of electric buses

Solaris Bus & Coach has created a system to streamline and to support diagnostic solutions, to improve maintenance options and to facilitate the analysis of specialist data derived from its electric buses.

Vehicles fitted with a remote diagnostic system called eSConnect will enable the producer to establish a database of real performance information that will make it possible to perfect solutions applied by the manufacturer.

Created for the purpose of supporting maintenance, the eSConnect system may be installed in every electric vehicle made by Solaris, also those already delivered to customers; some of these have already decided to apply the pilot scheme to their fleets. The remote eSConnect system also gives customers the opportunity to work with basic information that allow to optimize fleet usage.

Data collected include, among others, information on the bus fleet position in terms of time and location; updated battery status; the mileage covered by any given bus in a given time; energy use; or notifications about all batteries being fully charged.

The eSConnect will help in the remote identification of potential errors notified by the vehicle on the driver’s panel, the monitoring of operating parameters of the system and the generation of statistics.


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