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ZF Marshall launches ZF S-Cam4 camera family to support ADAS and advanced automated driving functions

ZF Marshall is launching the ZF S-Cam4 camera family that includes a single lens, mono-camera designed to help meet updated test protocols such as EuroNCAP pedestrian triggered automatic emergency braking (AEB), including a crossing bicycle AEB test.

The new camera family also includes a premium three-lens TriCam4 version to support advanced semi-automated driving functions, adding a telephoto lens for improved long-distance sensing capabilities and a fish-eye lens for improved short-range sensing with a wider field of view.


ZF TriCam.

ZF supplies more than a dozen vehicle manufacturers globally with advanced ADAS sensor technologies including front-facing cameras, helping to enhance safety and forming the basis for partially to fully automated vehicle functions. ZF and its partners design, develop and deliver advanced camera, radar and lidar technologies designed and tested to customer specifications, while helping to meet global regulatory and consumer safety rating requirements.


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