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Tropos Motors triples range of electric LSVs with new Li-ion-powered ABLE XR; 26 kWh pack

Tropos Motors has released the new eXtended Range, ABLE XR low-speed electric utility vehicle. Powered by a 26 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the ABLE XR offers four times more range (up to 160 miles) compared to the standard ABLE configurations, and nearly three times more than its closest competition in the eCUV (electric compact utility vehicle) market.


With the largest capacity battery pack of LSVs on the market, the ABLE XR can travel up to 45+ mph (72+ km/h), and up to 160 miles (at 25 mph), as well as tow a max of 2000 pounds on public roads, or 3000 pounds on closed campuses.


The lithium battery also provides enough power to air conditioning systems to keep drivers cool and comfortable during warmer weather.

Like the standard ABLE eCUVs, the ABLE XR has the shortest turning radius in its class, the ability to swap bed packages within minutes, and a load sensing brake proportioning system, hill-hold, reinforced doors, full length steel chassis, and a driver side airbag.

Without the new lithium battery pack, none of this would be possible. Our customers are looking for eCUVs that can travel farther at higher speeds or farther with heavy payloads. The extra energy provided by the new lithium batteries makes this possible, as well as power for auxiliary features such as air conditioning, cooking equipment and medical devices.

—John Bautista founder and CEO of Tropos Motors

The ABLE XR and standard chassis accommodates a variety of bed packages, from box truck and flatbed to sweeper and first responder vehicles for fire fighting and delivering emergency medical services. Both are also compatible with the ABLE Easy-Swap option, which allows for customers to change out their bed packages and transform the ABLE to suit various activities, throughout the day, week or year.

The Tropos ABLE XR is slated for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2018.

The Tropos Motors eLSVs will be on exhibit at EPRI’s Electrification 2018 Conference and Exhibition in Long Beach, 20-23 August.


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