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Los Angeles launches New Mobility Challenge 2018

For the second year running, Los Angeles is inviting innovative and environmentally-friendly entrepreneurs from around the world to push the envelope on urban mobility solutions from ride-sharing and zero-emission electric bikes and scooters to self-driving vehicles and flying cars.

The LA New Mobility Challenge 2018 is a joint initiative of LA CoMotion, the NewCities Foundation and the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), all of whom are dedicated to finding cutting-edge and sustainable mobility technologies for Southern California.

This year’s edition is also supported by The Los Angeles Department of Transportation, French Tech-Los Angeles, Starburst Accelerator, Fontinalis Partners, Trucks VC, and Autotech Ventures.

The first edition of the Challenge, presented at LA CoMotion 2017, attracted some 234 early-stage companies from 16 countries.

The six focus areas of the LA New Mobility Challenge are:

  • Shared Mobility Solutions — Ride sharing, car sharing, short-term, as-needed mobility innovations that reduce emissions and increase access to transit options, with a special consideration for those serving disadvantaged communities;

  • Personal Mobility — Electric bikes, electric scooters, and other forms of individual modes of emissions-free transit that improves ridership with last-mile and first-mile solutions;

  • Electrification — Electric vehicles for passenger use and goods movement, affordable EV opportunities for low-income neighborhoods, charging systems, and electric vehicle connectivity;

  • Autonomous Vehicles Solutions — Artificial Intelligence (AI), LIDAR, smart mapping, vehicle integration;

  • Smart Infrastructure — Smart parking, Internet of Things (IoT), traffic systems, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS); and

  • Urban Air Mobility — Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL), regional zero emission air solutions.

Applicant startups must have the following characteristics:

  1. Be less than five years old

  2. Revenues of up to $5 million

  3. Product at least in pilot, beta or prototype stage

The deadline to submit applications is 17 September 2018. The Selection Committee will select three finalists per category to present to investors, LACI, the Selection Committee, advisors and LA CoMotion partners on 14 November 2018 during LA CoMotion’s New Mobility Innovation Day event.

One winner will be chosen per category, and one company will be crowned the overall champion of the competition. Winners of the 2018 LA New Mobility Challenge will also be featured alongside some of the most promising innovators in the world recently selected from the 2018 California Climate Cup, a part of the Governor’s September Global Climate Action Summit.

Winners will receive substantial cash prizes, in-kind support from sponsors or partners, an interview to be considered for membership in LACI’s globally recognized business incubation program, access to the La Kretz Innovation Campus, and/or Advanced Prototyping Center. Winners will also be eligible to receive mentorship, skills development, and market entry assessment from LACI’s Executives-in-Residence in the days leading up the conference.

Winners will also be eligible to be included in investment rounds of Fontinalis Partners, Trucks VC and Autotech.



Another hand to California and L.A. for being ahead with cleaner running vehicles.


Many people could get around on electric bikes, but like the movie said "walk in L.A. you must be joking".

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