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BYD delivers first 3 battery-electric buses to Chattanooga

Chattanooga Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) took delivery of their first three BYD K9 electric buses.

Earlier this year, CARTA received a “Smart City” award for its innovative EV-charging and car-share project. The integration of more electric buses will help CARTA achieve its goal of having a zero-emissions fleet. Chattanooga is aggressively pursuing non-traditional transportation planning and infrastructure.

Momentum Dynamics developed a 200-kilowatt wireless charging system to support zero-emission transit buses in Chattanooga. The system automatically charges as passengers load and unload.

BYD North America also recently announced its joint venture with Generate Capital, Inc., a leading financier, owner, and operator of distributed infrastructure, to launch the first electric bus leasing program of its kind in the United States.



A hand to CARTA.
Other pubic/private transportation organization should follow?

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