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Light truck market share in California up to 55% in Q2 2018; contra-trend impacting ZEV goals

Light truck market share in Q2 2018 in California was 55.5%, up from 50.4% in Q2 2017, according to a new report released by the California Center for Jobs & the Economy. The growing consumer preference for larger vehicles continues to be a contra-trend affecting the state’s ability to achieve its ZEV goals, as fewer models are available in this market component at price points that would achieve broader sales.

The few models that are now offered in this class tend to be in the high end of the market, the report notes.

Consumer shifts to light trucks for the US outside California was even more pronounced, accounting for 69.6% of new light vehicle sales in this quarter.

The potential for California’s ZEV policies to have much of an effect beyond its borders are increasingly limited as a consequence, as few models are being offered for the types of vehicles consumers prefer to buy, according to the report.

The trend towards light trucks came even in spite of higher fuel prices. The average California price for regular gas in Q2 2018 was $3.66 a gallon, 21.0% higher than the prior year’s $3.03.



This goes right along with the demise of the Taurus and Fusion.

The question arises:  what, exactly, is driving this sales trend?  Is it high immigrant fertility driving demand for larger haulers, or is it lifestyle choices?


My vehicle (s) is /are larger, heavier, faster and cost more than yours and I'm therefore richer than you?
Not much to do with family size?

TESLA's (S and X) appeal to the same group regardless of pollution and GHGs. .

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