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Hyundai Mobis invests in AI sensor startup StradVision for developing deep learning cameras

To reinforce its competitiveness in core technologies of future vehicles, Hyundai Mobis is investing 8 billion won (US$7.2 million) in StradVision, a Korean startup, which possesses deep learning-based camera image detection technology.

With this investment, Hyundai Mobis aims to work with StradVision for developing advanced camera detection technology required to build safe self-driving systems.

StradVision has developed a software solution that uses deep learning to recognize pedestrians and even texts on road signs. The deep learning-based object detection technology is excellent at accurately recognizing not only distant objects but also overlapped ones; it can distinguish one object from another—for instance, between vehicles and pedestrians or between pedestrians and bicycles—and utilizes that information as data for safe driving.

It can also read the movement patterns of vehicles and the posture of pedestrians and predict a situation in advance.

StradVision possesses 14 patents, including a method for rapidly reading texts embedded in images, fast parallel data processing and detection accuracy enhancement technology, with 10 of them having been registered in the US.


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