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CHAdeMO, China Electricity Council to co-develop next-gen ultra-fast EV charging standard; backward compatibility with CHAdeMO, GB/T

CHAdeMO Association and the China Electricity Council (CEC) will jointly develop a next generation Ultra-Fast charging standard. CEC is China’s official association of utilities in charge of their national regulations and standards related to electricity.

The two entities will sign a Memorandum of Understanding on 28 August in Beijing to launch their collaboration.

The CHAdeMO protocol, a Direct Current fast charging standard recognized by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) (earlier post) and the most popular international standard with more than 18,500 charging points covering the EV market worldwide, set its specification at 500V and 125A when it was initially defined in 2009.

CHAdeMO Version 1.2 (published in March 2017) enabled high-power charging up to 200kW (400A x 500V).

CHAdeMO 2.0, released in May 2018, now allows for up to 400kW, making high-voltage charging up to 1kV possible using liquid-cooled cable assemblies (still with the exact same CHAdeMO plug shape) or via pantographs.

CEC, a Chinese Government-approved association in charge of standardization of EV charging equipment, is evaluating high-power charging technologies and promoting demo projects and pilot studies for the creation of a new, Ultra-Fast charging standard to prepare for the expected market needs in the future. CHAdeMO Association and CEC reached an agreement to proceed jointly with such development.

This joint development is intended to lead to a next-generation Ultra-Fast charging technology that is safe and versatile. As the new Ultra-Fast charging standard aims to ensure interoperability with existing CHAdeMO and GB/T fast charging standards, the partners expect that the new standard will be adopted not only in Japan and China but also in many other EV markets worldwide, and to contribute to the further roll-out of EV charging network.

We are pleased to work together with CEC to develop an ultra-fast charging standard to prepare for the future charging needs, while ensuring safety and interoperability, which is a core value of CHAdeMO protocol. We believe the outcome of this joint development will pave the way towards a single harmonised standard in the future.

—CHAdeMO’s Secretary General Dave Yoshida

This joint development falls into one of the strategic categories defined as “Enhancing international harmonization in vehicle electrification policies” in the Japanese government’s New Strategy for the automobile industry, which was recently announced by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and will be strongly supported by both the Japanese and Chinese governments.



With my 2012 Mitsubishi imiev, this doesn't affect me at the moment. My next car I hope to get a Chevy Bolt. I don't care for the Tesla 3 trunk and need an open hatch back style. The 60 kwhr of batteries will be more than a welcome change.

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