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Grab bringing 200 fast-charging EVs to Singapore fleet

Singapore-based Grab, a provider of on-demand transportation and a mobile payments platform, and SP Group (SP) announced a strategic partnership in which Grab will bring in 200 new fast-charging electric vehicles (EVs) and use SP’s fast-charging network.


In January, Grab and Hyundai announced a strategic partnership focused on new opportunities in future mobility services in Southeast Asia. Hyundai also invested in Grab.

The new fleet will be progressively rolled out in Singapore from early 2019. Driver-partners on this new model will enjoy preferential EV charging rates from SP, at all their charging stations island-wide. With the cost benefits offered by EVs, they can expect to earn up to 25% more in daily income compared to those on a regular gasoline vehicle and up to 20% more daily income compared to a hybrid vehicle.

This announcement marks SP’s first fleet partnership since it unveiled plans in June to build Singapore’s largest and fastest public EV charging network. SP has committed to build 500 publicly accessible charging points, comprising both DC and AC chargers by 2020.

Grab and SP will study EV usage patterns and behaviors to improve the accessibility and utilization of EV charging stations. SP plans to install its charging points in convenient locations, many within close-proximity to coffee-shops and food outlets. This will allow Grab driver-partners to match their charging time with meal and driving breaks.

Specific details on pricing of charging facilities and EV models will be disclosed towards the end of the year when SP Group is expected to set up the first 30 charging points.

Driver-partners only need approximately 40 minutes at SP’s high-speed DC charging points for a full day’s worth of driving on the Grab platform. In addition, some of SP Group’s venue partners will offer discounted parking to EV drivers using SP’s charging network. This partnership provides Grab driver-partners with greater time and cost savings, maximizing their daily income.

Grab today operates the largest network of environmentally friendly vehicles such as EVs and hybrid vehicles in Southeast Asia and plans to further expand its electric mobility fleet.



A hand to Singapour and Hyundai.

Some 500 high speed chargers for Singapour is like installing 500,000+ high speed charging facilities in USA and/or China and/or EU and/or Canada and/or India and/or Brazil and/or in Australia ?

Those 3,500,000 high speed charging facilities could be a good start and could progressively put gasoline and diesel pumping stations out of business.

However, 100,000,000+ BEVs/PHEVs will be required.

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