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Volkswagen Truck & Bus is now TRATON Group

Volkswagen Truck & Bus AG has renamed itself TRATON AG. Founded in 2015 as Volkswagen Truck & Bus GmbH, TRATON now comprises the brands MAN, Scania, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus and RIO.

Within its first initial years, the Group has already made significant progress by focusing on its Global Champion Strategy. The Group increased the global presence of its brands by entering strategic partnerships and realized synergies through bundling forces in purchasing and R&D.

The new name as well as the new claim “transforming transportation” reflect what the company is striving for and how it is acting:

  • TRAnsformation of the ecosystem transport for everyone’s benefit.

  • TRAnsportation as its and its customer’s passion.

  • TONnage is what its customers move around the world, every day.

  • TRAdition of strong brands.


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