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London boroughs implement ultra-low-emission vehicles scheme

In the UK’s first scheme of its kind, only ultra-low emission vehicles such as electric cars, e-bikes, and the newest hybrids and hydrogen vehicles are now allowed on nine streets in Hackney and Islington from 7am-10am and 4pm-7pm on weekdays.

Drivers of gasoline, diesel and older hybrid vehicles will incur a £130 (US$167) fine if they travel into the CCTV-monitored areas.

The original scheme was backed by 70% of people living within 10 km of the affected roads, while 56% of respondents to a more recent consultation said they were in favor.

Hackney council has announced plans to install around 180 electric vehicle charging points, in addition to the existing 22 across the borough, in the next year.

The ultra-low emissions streets initiative is partially funded by the mayor of London’s air quality fund and the government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles.



The limit is based on CO2, which is a bit silly as CO2 is not a local pollutant, it is a global one. If it were based on NOx or some other measure, it would make more sense.
A cyclist or pedestrian can be killed just as easily by an EV as by a diesel (and is more likely to hear the diesel).

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