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Air Products to support first commercial-scale liquid hydrogen-based fueling station in China

Air Products signed cooperation and equipment supply agreements with Beijing Sinoscience Fullcryo Technology Co., Ltd. (Fullcryo) to accelerate the development of hydrogen infrastructure and support Fullcryo’s first, and also China’s first, commercial-scale liquid hydrogen-based fueling station.

The two companies will cooperate from demonstration to commercialization, including construction, operation, maintenance, and gas supply for liquid hydrogen-based fueling stations in China.

Under the equipment supply agreement, Air Products will provide two state-of-the-art, integrated Smartfuel technology fueling stations to Fullcryo for constructing the first-of-its-kind station located in Guangdong Province, South China.

In compliance with the SAE’s (Society of Automotive Engineers) J2601 fueling protocol, the station will consist of key components, including a liquid hydrogen storage tank, high-efficiency booster pump, high-pressure gasifier and gaseous storage tank, dispenser, and control system. Its fueling capacity is designed to reach 500 kilograms per day of hydrogen and can be expanded to 1,500 kilograms per day for both 35Mpa and 70Mpa fueling.

Liquid hydrogen-based fueling stations, which involve advanced gas storage and fueling technology, can bring added benefits, including higher throughput, lower energy consumption, and relatively smaller footprint.

Air Products has more than 60 years of hydrogen experience and an extensive patent portfolio with more than 50 patents in hydrogen dispensing technology. The company has been involved in more than 250 hydrogen fueling projects in over 20 countries worldwide. Cars, trucks, vans, buses and many other equipment have been fueled using Air Products’ trendsetting technologies.

In China, Air Products has participated in several demonstration projects, including the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Asian Games, and 2011 Shenzhen Universiade, to drive the use of this clean energy. Early this year, the company signed an agreement with the state-owned Shenhua New Energy Co. Ltd. to provide two hydrogen dispensers to China Energy Investment Corporation Limited ’s First Hydrogen Fueling Station being built in Rugao City of Jiangsu Province, East China.

Fullcryo (also known as Fuhaicryo) is a subsidiary of China Academy of Sciences, is dedicated to developing key technologies, core equipment, product and services for large-scale cryogenic systems. The company provides comprehensive solutions to the segments including aerospace, large scientific engineering, helium, green energy and industrial gases.

Fullcryo provides solutions for liquid hydrogen storage and hydrogen transportation, covering liquid hydrogen station investment and construction, hydrogen liquefiers, liquid hydrogen storage tank and related technologies to drive the hydrogen energy and fuel cell development in China.



Liquified hydrogen for gas H2 distribution stations may be a new approach but could increase the retail H2 cost?

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