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California Governor signs SB 100 into law, setting 100% clean electricity goal by 2045; executive order for carbon neutrality

California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. signed Senate Bill 100, setting a 100% clean electricity goal by 2045 for the state (earlier post). The governor also issued an executive order establishing a new target to achieve carbon neutrality, also by 2045.

SB 100 advances the state’s existing Renewables Portfolio Standard, which establishes how much of the electricity system should be powered from renewable energy resources, to 50% by 2025 and 60% by 2030.

The Governor’s executive order directs the state to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045 and net negative greenhouse gas emissions after that.

With Governor Brown’s order, California establishes the most ambitious carbon neutrality commitment of any major economic jurisdiction in the world.



He claims this, while being solidly behind the closure and destruction of California's biggest source of zero-emission electricity.

Worse, "environmentalists" are solidly behind it too.


Refurbishing old NPPs and/or building new nuclear plants in California and many other places like Ontario/Canada, France, Germany, Japan etc sounds good for zero-emission electricity production but is no longer economical.

Current and near future REs (solar, wind, pumped hydro etc) can be built much faster at a much lower cost.

Large solar and wind farms can increase rain falls in overly dry areas (as secondary benefit) while NPPs do the opposite.

Refurbishing old NPPs ... sounds good for zero-emission electricity production

It's the only proven deep decarbonization technology.

but is no longer economical.

Funny that you didn't argue about the cost of "renewables" when they were multiples of the cost of nuclear.

The costs of nuclear are set by legislation and lawfare.  Both of those factors can be changed far more readily than physics.  Meanwhile, no matter how cheap "renewables" are at low penetration, their integration costs climb steeply with their fraction of generation.  The recent electric rate increases in Ontario are not due to nuclear, but to forcing "renewables" onto the grid by paying producers enough to get them into service.

France proved long ago that 80% nuclear electric is quite economical and efficient.  Nobody, nowhere, has run an industrial economy on 80% wind and solar electric.

Current and near future REs (solar, wind, pumped hydro etc) can be built much faster at a much lower cost.

Racing ever faster to an unstable grid that will collapse the society crazy enough to rely on it.

And I don't know about rainfall, but NPPs can desalinate water directly.  Diablo Canyon actually has an under-utilized desalination plant that's used to provide makeup water for the primary and secondary cooling systems.

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