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Audi e-tron will be first model to feature vehicle-integrated toll module technology

The all-electric Audi e-tron will be the first vehicle from the brand to launch with integrated toll payment technology.

The Integrated Toll Module (ITM) is a toll transponder built into the vehicle’s rearview mirror, allowing drivers to access select toll roads in the US and in Canada. ITM is another Audi first in vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology, allowing the car to communicate and interact with its environment.

The mirror-based toll payment solution gives convenient access to the country’s toll roads while helping to eliminate windscreen clutter and the need to manage multiple toll accounts. Drivers will be able to adjust module settings through the vehicle’s MMI—including turning the ITM on and off as well as changing the occupant settings for HOV/HOT lanes.

The ITM was developed for Audi by Gentex Corporation, which supplies automatic-dimming mirrors for all Audi vehicles. The ITM technology is compatible with existing tolling agencies nationwide and can be registered with a driver’s current account, new account, or a nationwide tolling account.


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