NVIDIA introduces DRIVE AGX DevKit: open, scalable platform for autonomous driving
BYD delivers first battery-electric bus to IndyGo

Hyundai Motor shows rendering of fuel cell truck; market launch in 2019; details at IAA Commercial

Hyundai Motor presented a first look at a rendering of a new truck with fuel cell powertrain which is set to be launched in 2019. The heavy-duty fuel cell truck will follow the ix35 Fuel Cell and the NEXO in Hyundai’s expanding fuel cell lineup.


The truck aims at simple and clean design which is also aerodynamically efficient with a spoiler and side protector. The front grille symbolizes hydrogen through geometric shapes, giving the vehicle a unique and powerful look.

During the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 taking place in Hanover Germany, Hyundai will announce the future plans for introducing the fuel cell electric truck in the European eco-friendly commercial vehicle market next year as well revealing vehicle specifications.

Hyundai Motor also recently completed South Korea’s first domestic highway journey with an autonomously navigated semi-trailer truck. Hyundai’s Xcient truck drove approximately 40km on the highway between Uiwang and Incheon, carrying large semi-trailer simulating cargo transportation.



Smart design extended range FC trucks & buses & trains from So-Korea, Germany and California will soon contribute to reduced pollution and GHGs.

Those electrified units will also be more efficient and cheaper to operate than current polluting diesel units.

A hand to Hyundai for active contribution.


More than a few companies are doing EV and FCV trucks.
Cleaner air with less imported oil, it is all good.


Hydrogen are a bad idea. Hydrogen cars are pumping out water.
In the summer this is fine, but a truck with fuelcells that flood the highway i the winter in -10 c, is deadly.

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