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Lithos Energy announced its fourth generation of high-voltage liquid-cooled battery packs that offer improved energy density, safety and can be rapidly scaled to high-volume production.

Lithos Gen4 technology is now included in the latest Lithos high-voltage battery packs.

The technology offers significant improvements including a 23% increase in specific energy compared with previous generations.

Safety and reliability have also been improved with the new technology. The advanced design is passively propagation resistant to prevent thermal runaway and a redesigned liquid cooling system to improve thermal consistency throughout the battery pack, extending operating life.

Copper interconnects, along with improved thermal management, provide for longer peak-current pulse times with less voltage sag, resulting in better vehicle performance.

The new technology is now in use on the Lithos High Voltage product line and is available in four standard form factors, with variants for high energy and high power. All Lithos Energy battery packs are designed and assembled in the company’s California facility.


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