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NVIDIA opens DRIVE Constellation Platform to simulation partners

NVIDIA is opening up the DRIVE Constellation simulation platform to work with partners to integrate their world models, vehicle models and traffic scenarios. By incorporating a variety of partners, DRIVE Constellation will become even more comprehensive, enabling diverse and complex testing elements.

According to RAND Corporation, to drive even 20% better than a human requires 11 billion miles of validation. That translates to more than 500 years of nonstop driving in the real world with a fleet of 100 cars—an impossible task.

Simulation presents a powerful solution to what has been an insurmountable obstacle. By tapping into the virtual world, developers can safely and accurately test and validate autonomous driving hardware and software.

A simulated test environment is more than just a virtual car on a virtual road. It takes model building as intensive as those for movies, and as detailed and accurate as the blueprints for the city roads and highways the car will eventually drive on.

Not only does this world need to look realistic, it must also also obey laws of physics. DRIVE Sim is designed to virtually test any potential environment and driving situation, with the ability to ingest world, vehicle and traffic scenario models.

By opening DRIVE Sim to partners, the depth and flexibility of the platform is magnified. The ability to integrate world, vehicle and traffic models increases the effectiveness of AV testing and validation.


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