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Valeo showcasing new 48V hybrid systems at IAA Commercial Vehicles

Valeo has developed a hybrid system combining low-voltage (less than 60 V) electric motors with traditional combustion engines. Since the technology can be easily adapted to all engine types and manufactured in series to deliver economies of scale, it offers the advantage of affordability. The company is presenting two 48V hybrid systems at the IAA CV 2018.

Valeo 48 V iBSG system – Starter-alternator with integrated electronics. The Valeo 48 V integrated Belt Starter Generator (iBSG) is available in two versions, 4 kW or 8 kW of continuous power. It also recovers the vehicle’s kinetic energy during braking and deceleration and stores it as electrical energy in a 48 V battery to reuse in two different ways:

  • To boost the engine during acceleration.

  • To power various electrical components.

Valeo’s iBSG system helps reduce fuel consumption by 3% to 5% in medium-duty vehicles and 5% to 10% in light commercial vehicles, depending on the drive cycle—based on Valeo simulations.

Valeo 48 V GMG system – Gearbox motor generator. To take energy savings one step further, Valeo has developed a new gearbox motor generator (GMG), rated at 48 V and 15 kW peak.

This innovative device reduces fuel consumption by 5% to 8% in medium-duty vehicles and 10% to 20% in light commercial vehicles, depending on usage conditions and driving patterns.


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