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The Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) is calling for research proposals from Japan for 2018 under the Hydrogen Research Initiative established in 2017. (Earlier post.)

This initiative is part of TMF’s goal to promote sustainable mobility. It recognizes that pairing carbon-free hydrogen systems with renewable energies contributes to energy sustainability. It also underscores the foundation’s commitment to tackle energy-related issues such as environmental degradation and resource depletion.

Shifting the world to hydrogen-based systems for energy supply and consumption is a heavily discussed topic, however cost remains a daunting obstacle for execution. For this reason, the Toyota Mobility Foundation seeks projects that demonstrate progress in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and lowering the cost of hydrogen. When screening the submitted proposals, TMF will emphasize innovations in the generation, storage, transportation, and use of hydrogen.

In 2017, TMF launched a five-year program to provide grants for fundamental and innovative research that helps develop a “hydrogen society.” It also assembled a screening panel of hydrogen and energy experts from universities and public-sector institutes in Japan to assess the research programs and select the grant recipients. The 10 grantees (earlier post) from the first year of the program continue to discuss their research with panel members.

In this second year of the initiative, an additional research field has been included for consideration. Applicants from both universities and public-sector institutions in Japan are invited to submit proposals in the following research fields:

  • Hydrogen generation
  • Hydrogen carriers
  • Hydrogen applications
  • Energy systems
  • Social systems utilizing hydrogen (new)

TMF is targeting young researchers who represent the next generation to participate in the program. They also encourage repurposing knowledge and technology from other fields to the research of hydrogen.

Total budget is approximately ¥100 million (US$890,000); TMF envisions 10-20 projects, with up to ¥10 million (US$89,000) per project.


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