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Peugeot is introducing gasoline plug-in hybrid systems for the Peugeot 3008 and 508 and 508 SW engines. The HYBRID engine and the HYBRID4 (four-wheel-drive) engine will be available for the second quarter of 2019.


Peugeot 3008 PHEV.

The 1.6L PureTech engine has been adapted, including with the addition of a starter-alternator or a specific cooling face. It reaches 180hp on HYBRID and 225hp on HYBRID4.

The PureTech engine is combined with the new e-EAT8 8-speed automatic transmission (Electric Efficient Automatic Transmission - 8 speeds), specific to Peugeot PLUG-IN HYBRID engines. An electric motor is linked to the box and reaches 110hp/80kW on the front suspension.

For optimal and imperceptible transitions between electrical and thermal, the torque converter of the thermal versions gives way to a wet multiple-disc clutch. All these modifications offer a torque increase of 60N·m, for more reactivity.

On the HYBRID4 versions, the multi-link rear suspension is equipped with an inverter, a 110hp/80kW electric motor and a gearbox for 4-wheel drive. Its integration has been achieved without impact on usability.

The 300V Li-ion battery is located under the second row seats on both HYBRID and HYBRID4 versions.

The battery has a capacity of 11.8KWh (HYBRID) or 13.2 KWh (HYBRID4). This enables 100% electric driving up to 50 kilometers/31 miles WLTP (60 kilometers/37 miles NEDC).

The default mode is Zero Emission mode, when the battery charge status allows it. The electric drive can reach 135km/h (84 mph) before the combustion engine takes over.

The driver can choose to activate a new Brake feature that allows the vehicle to decelerate without pressing the brake pedal. As an engine brake, it also makes it possible to recharge the battery, when going downhill for example. In Drive mode, pushing the Shift and Park by wire automatic gearbox control to the rear is enough to engage the Brake mode. A second push disables it.

With a view to increasing driver autonomy in 100% electric, the high energy efficiency i-Booster braking system recovers the energy during a braking or a deceleration when the foot is lifted off. The i-booster incorporates an electric pump to replace the vacuum pump of the thermal versions.

A new e-SAVE allows the driver to reserve electric range (10 km, 20 km or the whole battery). This function is easily accessible from the dedicated e-SAVE menu on the touch screen. Once set up, the function is displayed on the handset with the autonomy reserved in kilometers. The driver just needs to select the Zero Emission mode on the driving mode selector to activate the 100% electric driving when you need it.

The HYBRID and HYBRID4 engines will be integrated to the Peugeot 3008 and on the new Peugeot 508 and 508 SW in autumn 2019.



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