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BYD has completed its latest US investment, a new $5-million 100,000-square-foot warehouse for its Lancaster manufacturing plant. This is the firm’s fourth expansion of its current manufacturing campus in Los Angeles County, bringing its total investment in Lancaster facilities to more than $53 million.

The new warehouse provides additional space and ability to further streamline the handling of materials and supplies. It also frees up space on BYD’s adjacent massive 450,000-square-foot manufacturing plant floor, allowing for greater production and operational efficiencies.

We have the capacity to produce up to 1,500 battery-electric buses a year, which will go a long way toward creating a cleaner climate and a quieter, more efficient way to travel.

—Bobby Hill, Vice President of BYD North America, Coach and Bus

BYD has delivered more than 270 buses in North America with an additional 80+ buses in current production, and 300 bus orders with options that could double that number.

Since it first opened in 2013, the Lancaster manufacturing plant has grown from 106,000-square-feet and a workforce of a few dozen to a facility that now covers more than a half million square feet and employs more than 820 workers. The firm is the only electric vehicle manufacturer in the US to have an all-union workforce, and an exceptionally diverse team of employees. revp

BYD North America has more in the works. The company has invested in the purchase of an additional 150 acres of land near its Lancaster manufacturing plant and is planning service/maintenance centers across the US.

BYD has invested more than $250 million in the region to date, including some $53 million in the Lancaster facilities. The firm’s battery-electric buses not only meet but also exceed all current and future stated FTA “Buy America” requirements, incorporating 70%+ US content. BYD is projected to spend more than $50 million this year with US vendors.


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