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Elio Motors signs MoU with automotive Fortune 500 OEM for powertrain

Elio Motors, Inc., the developer of the ultra-high-mileage, low-cost three-wheel Elio vehicle, has entered into a memorandum of understanding with a Fortune 500 OEM to provide the engine foundation as part of a new powertrain for the Elio vehicle.

Elio currently projects that the new powertrain will result in $120 million in research and development cost savings. The company is working with the engineering team at Roush to develop a new Elio prototype employing the OEM powertrain.

Roush will integrate the new powertrain into Elio’s prototype in order to begin preliminary testing procedures prior to production at the Elio Motors manufacturing facility in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Elios says that the new powertrain will push the Elio’s performance specifications far beyond prior consumer expectations. The engine should offer nearly a 100% increase in horsepower rating when compared to initial Elio prototype vehicles.

When combined with the Elio’s low curb weight, the new powertrain is expected to deliver excellent driver response and a highly improved acceleration time. Even with the Elio’s substantial increase in performance, the advanced technology in the new powertrain should enable Elio Motors to achieve their promise of ultra-high fuel efficiency, the company said.


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