Volvo Trucks to begin selling all-electric trucks in North America in 2020
Volkswagen targeting further boost in factory productivity; TRANSFORM.TOGETHER selects Renovo AWare as OS for its full stack automated driving system has selected AWare, Renovo’s production-grade OS for automated mobility, as its development and commercialization platform.’s first AWare-powered vehicle model is the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan. thereby gains access to the ecosystem of AWare-compatible vehicles, sensors, and other third-party technologies and services that interact with its automated driving system (ADS). By providing automotive safety infrastructure and a full microservice abstraction of the vehicle, compute and sensors, AWare allows to focus on its core HeteroSync & DeepFusion ADS technologies, while safely, reliably, and cost-effectively interfacing with third-party technologies and services across a wide range of vehicles.’s mission is to enable fully autonomous robo-taxi services for an intelligent, efficient and safe mobility experience. We selected Renovo’s AWare OS for development and as a commercialization platform because of its technical capabilities, the company’s focus on deployment at scale, access to the AWare ecosystem and as a go-to-market path for our ADS with North American and European fleet operators.

—Dr. Xianqiao Tong, founder and CEO of is an artificial intelligence startup that specializes in level 4 autonomous driving technologies. It was founded by three engineers who had previously led autonomous driving technologies at Google, Tesla, Apple, Nvidia, and Baidu USA.

The Renovo AWare OS provides a vehicle-independent abstraction API and range of microservices that allows developers of a range of technologies necessary for commercial automated mobility services, to write applications that can be deployed at scale.

AWare has the necessary performance to run today’s most demanding Automated Driving Systems (ADS) as well as the safety and security features required for automotive validation. AWare is a trusted layer in functionally safe architectures and features multiple computational domains including low-level safety controllers. Renovo partners with a wide range of hardware and component suppliers to build systems that can be deployed at scale on road today. joins the AWare ecosystem along with a growing list of leading companies in the automated mobility sector including Affectiva, Argus Cyber Security, BestMile CARMERA, Civil Maps, EdgeConneX, INRIX, Metamoto, NIRA Dynamics, Parsons, Perceptive Automata,, Samsung, Silexica, Speak With Me, Stanford University,, Velodyne LiDAR and Verizon.


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