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Semcon expanding partnership with Powercell for production of fuel cells

Semcon is expanding its partnership with fuel cell company Powercell with a view to upscale the company’s production of fuel cells with automation and robots.

This project is part of Industry 4.0 for smarter factories. Powercell is able to streamline manufacturing, reduce costs and enhance quality thanks to an automated production environment.

As part of this partnership, Semcon is supplying test concepts, production equipment, installation and commissioning for semi-automatic trial production of fuel cells. This is an incredibly exciting project with fantastic potential.

—Thomas Lydhig, technical project manager at Semcon

Semcon has performed virtual simulations, z the entire production process, before the robots are installed at Powercell in Gothenburg. The robots will switch to live production in early October, when they are installed at Powercell.



Interesting development for lower cost automated FC manufacturing?

The same could be done for lower cost electrolysers?

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