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DEUTZ partnering with Manitou Group on electrification of construction equipment; hybrid and full-electric system

DEUTZ AG and Manitou Group—a world leading OEM in rough-terrain handling equipment—are partnering on the electrification of the drive line. DEUTZ has incorporated prototype electric drives into Manitou equipment for the first time. Manitou Group, the first E-DEUTZ partner, has fitted one of its telehandlers with a hybrid drive and a second with a full-electric drive.


DEUTZ provides a modular product portfolio for electric drives, allowing customers to choose the combination of combustion engine, electric motor, battery and power electronics best suited to their needs. A purely electric drive system is also available on request. The aim is to achieve a significant increase in efficiency which will reduce overall running costs, fuel consumption and emissions in equal measure.

The full-electric Manitou MT 1135 telehandler is equipped with a 360-volt 30 kWh battery pack and a 60 kW electric motor. The MT 1335 generally comes with a 75 kW DEUTZ TCD 3.6 diesel engine. For the hybrid prototype, this diesel engine has been replaced by a DEUTZ TCD 2.2, which generates 55 kW, plus a 20 kW electric motor. The electric system is provided with a 48-volt system voltage.




Especially in city urban environments with air and noise restrictions these systems will prove popular.
30 kW battery for full electric will work for many considering the very wide range of duty cycles. Wonder what the 48volt battery pack looks like.


20 kW @ 48 V is in excess of 500 A, so it's going to look a lot like 4 automotive starter batteries in series.

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