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Report: Hyundai to ship 5,000 hydrogen fuel cell cars to France by 2025

Yonhap reported that Hyundai Motor aims to ship 5,000 hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles to France by 2025. The carmaker plans to sign initial agreements with local companies to promote hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), the company said in a statement.

On Tuesday, Hyundai will sign a memorandum of understanding with Air Liquide and Engie for the spread of the emission-free car and charging stations in France. Under the deal, the two French companies will establish fueling stations for FCEVs across France by the target year. The fueling infrastructure is for both passenger and commercial vehicles that use hydrogen.

US management consulting firm McKinsey & Company in November 2017 noted that the Hydrogen Council expects that the world’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market will grow to 400 million passenger cars; 15 million-20 million trucks; and 5 million buses by 2025.



There were over 500k EVs in Europe as of 2 years ago:

EV sales in France exceeded 40k last year:

There were 3799 PEVs registered in France just last month:

Hypedrogen doesn't have the infrastructure to catch up.


Hyundai has the right approach, MOUs with local H2 makers/distributors to make the use of clean FCEVs a reality.

Catching up with short range very slow charging BEVs does not have to be an essential objective. FCEVs are more versatile and flexible in many places and will complement extended range BEVs, specially for heavy long range vehicles, trains, buses, trucks and ships.

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