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BYD unveils new electric airport GSE tow tractor models

BYD unveiled two new electric tow tractor models, or tugs, this month. The tugs are suited for airport ground support equipment (GSE) needs including tarmacs and supporting aviation logistic centers and facilities, and also allow for rapid, restriction free charging.


BYD tugs offer greater energy and productivity efficiencies as well as lower operating costs and easier maintenance, as compared to its diesel, gas or lead acid battery counterparts.

With a 25-ton towing capacity, BYD’s T250 rear cabin tug, and the T250F forward cabin tug, are heavy-duty solutions for both luggage transport and towing of regional jets. Using BYD’s proprietary iron-phosphate battery technology, the tugs are equipped with a fast charger integrated to the tractor.

These tugs are a tremendous opportunity to help transform the high pressure, high-duty cycle operations with customers requiring around the clock up-time. We have already delivered forklifts to Hawaiian Airlines and United Airlines.

—Brian Rippie, BYD’s Director of Material Handing

The average BYD tug can fully charge in 2 hours with limitless charging opportunities, allowing operators 24/7 availability. In addition, where lead acid batteries’ performance drops off as it runs low on charge or in cold weather, BYD’s innovative batteries allow for constant, reliable power regardless of remaining charge.

The world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles and batteries, BYD provides the chassis, battery, and charger. Developed for indoor or outdoor use, the tug design includes dual 3-phase 80V AC brushless motors which produce the high power and torque that allow these tug models greater serviceability.

BYD’s Material Handling practice includes five (5) class 1, sit-down counter balance forklifts and now, three (3) tug products: one 5-ton and the two new 25-ton models.

The BYD North American Material Handling practice began operations in the summer of 2015, delivering pilot forklifts to the Port of Los Angeles. Now, operations have grown to 20+ dealers covering 42 North American markets with deliveries to more than 200 customers, which include fleet customers like PepsiCo, Armstrong Flooring and Whirlpool.



Ideal applications for EVs...tugs, mules, forklifts, short haul trucks, airport buses, etc., all make sense as EVs. And, BYD is leading the transition while the American companies think buying off politicians is a better tactic.
In the short run this tactic may work; but, in the long run they lose.

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