BYD unveils new electric airport GSE tow tractor models
GE Aviation completes initial design of supersonic engine for Aerion AS2

Hydrogenics to supply large-scale PEM electrolyzer for H2 fueling station in Europe; more than 400 kg per day

Hydrogenics Corporation has been chosen to supply a large-scale electrolysis system to generate hydrogen at a fueling station in Germany. The customer, Maximator GmbH, is a compressor manufacturer which is building a one megawatt facility in Wuppertal to cover the daily needs of more than 10 new fuel cell buses operated by WSW—the local public transit company.

WSW prefers hydrogen-fueled buses over battery ones due to their higher reliability in providing power throughout the day, even on the steep terrain of Wuppertal.

Surplus energy generated by a local waste incinerator will be used to power the electrolyzer and generate hydrogen. The Hydrogenics system will be delivered during 2019 and produce more than 400 kilograms of hydrogen per day.



Way to go Germany. A hand to Hydrogenics, Maximator, WSW and Wuppertal to use waste to produce H2 and feed H2 buses and other FCEVs.


"higher reliability in providing power throughout the day, even on the steep terrain of Wuppertal"?

The world record time for the Pike's Peak climb was set just this year by an EV... the Volkswagen IDR.

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