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Report: Isuzu to use Nvidia for truck self-driving

The Nikkei reports that Isuzu Motors will join with Nvidia on self-driving technology, particularly on helping autonomous systems learn how to drive trucks and other large commercial vehicles based on data collected by passenger vehicles.

According to the report, the two companies have entered final negotiations regarding the usage of collected data and ownership of the final product, with collaboration to begin as early as this year. Isuzu will have exclusive rights to the resulting technology among Japanese commercial vehicle makers.

Nvidia already commands a big market share for the systems that serve as the “brain” of autonomous driving for passenger vehicles. However, driving data from passenger cars cannot directly be applied to trucks because their bigger bodies require sensors and cameras to be attached to different places—meaning that camera views are different, as are the angles of obstacles ahead. Truck bodies increase blind spots and may interrupt electromagnetic waves from sensors as well.

The partners will work on creating technology for processing Nvidia’s data on passenger cars for use in trucks. Nvidia systems will be installed in Isuzu trucks to collect data.


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